Happy Golden Ox of Happiness Slots

RTG - which stands for Real Time Gaming - has certainly responded to the requests of their loyal followers with the release of this gigantic 5 reel, 50 payline video slot. Among its many attributes, some of the most attractive include the progressive jackpot, the free games and the re-spin option. Hopefully when you play this one, some of the happiness of the Golden Ox can rub off on you. The symbols are certainly indicative of a good time in the great nation of China, with the firecracker symbol, the Golden Ox symbol, the Emerald Spittoon, the Cinnamon Sign, the Emerald Sign, the Crimson Lantern, the Dragon Warrior, the Pink Sign and others. There are Chinese characters on these signs - but it isn’t very important what they actually mean since all that matters is the fun you have, or the payouts you may receive in the real money option of gameplay.

Just in case you choose the downloadable, real money option of Happy Golden Ox of Happiness, then you’ll need to know the cost. Good news: it’s just 0.02 credits per payline - which means you can choose the best option of always paying all the paylines. The highest amount per line is 1.00 credit, so this might not be the best game for high-rollers, but playing just for fun is always an option. All of the symbols, when they show up in the right quantities, pay in the left to right direction - but the Scattered Crimson Sign delivers in any direction.

Symbol values are important to navigate - but you can also access them once you play via the pay table. The Happy Golden Ox Wild symbol is very valuable. For 5 of them on the reels, you get the one of the big Jackpots; if this symbol appears in features, the prize is a liberating 8888 coins. For 4 of a kind of the Golden Ox, the prize is 888 coins, for 3 of a kind, the award is 88 coins, and for 2 Golden Ox icons, you’re awarded 18 coins. The Scattered Year of the Ox symbol garners a bit, too - although not nearly as much as the Wild. For 5 Signs, you get 188 coins, for 4 signs, you get 88 coins, and for 3 Signs, you win 8 coins. Any wins, as is traditional, are multiplied by the total bet if the Scatter Year of the Sign icon is involved.

As for the other icons, let’s start with the Gold Sign, the Emerald sign and the Royal Sign; each of these are worth the same for the desired quantity. For 5 of a kind of the colored Signs, you get 2888 coins, for 4 Colored Signs you win 188 coins, for 3 of the Colored Sign symbols you win 18 coins and for 2 Colored Signs you unlock 8 coins. The next set of symbols are the Dragon Mask, the Red Lantern and the Red Chinese Decoration. For 5 of a kind of either of these, you win 888 coins, for 4 of a kind of them you get 88 coins, and for 3 of a kind you win 8 coins. The final set of symbols consists of 4 different icons; the Fan, the Bag of Gold and Silver Coins, The Emerald Lucky 8 and the Olive Vase. For 5 of a kind you win 188 coins, for 4 of a kind you win 88 coins, and for 3 of a kind you win 8 coins.

Keep in mind that as potentially lucrative as Happy Golden Ox of Happiness Slots is, you cannot win the progressive jackpot during the occurrence of any of the free games, nor during any of the re-spins that you might receive. Speaking of the Re-spin feature, what does it actually provide? In addition to extra chances, when this bonus activates on the 1st and the 5th reels, you can also win some multiplier opportunities. When combined with the 8 re-spins you might win, you could be playing this game for free well into the night on just a single paid round of play.

Delving a bit deeper into the Scatter symbol’s properties, we see that if three or more of these show up on the reels, you get an avalanche of ree games. During these free games, of which there can be as many as 8 at a time, the multipliers that you lucked into also propagates with each round of play; you can either a 3x multiplier, a 4x multiplier or a 10x multiplier on the spins delivered into your game. There’s no artificial limitation on the number of free games that can be triggered while you’re already experiencing one; however, re-spins cannot just keep falling into your lap like manna from Heaven.

Happy Golden Ox of Happiness Slots is successful by any measure; loads of newcomers and vets alike play this RTG slot frequently. You can join the crowd without putting up any money - simply make sure you have a wifi connection and use your mobile device or workstation to navigate to the website and enjoy.