Return of the Rudolph Slots

Real-time Gaming wishes you a Happy Holidays with their ever present Return of the Rudolph Slots. In fact, it is an especially promising winter season this year with this 5 reel, 50 pay line Progressive Slot; which has multipliers, a triplet of bonus features, multiple valued multipliers, and paying wild symbols. The theme is as whimsical as it is menacing; for some reason Rudolph the reindeer has had a falling out with old St. Nick. The rednosed bovine is trying to blow up Santa Claus and either ruin or take over Christmas!

This particular slot has several precedents; it has been so popular that Real-Time whom will pool hanging whom in Gaming continues to churn out its sequels in the hopes of capturing the same huge crowds that it did with the first one, Rudolph's Revenge. Indeed, given that you will probably like Return of the Rudolph Slots so well, you shouldn't probably make a note to visit both Rudolph's Revenge and the other incarnation of this collectively awesome RTG Slots, Santa Strikes Back Slots.

Here is the betting arrangement for this holiday slot: the smallest wagering amount is $0.01 per pay line; this can be altered in increments up to a maximum of one dollar per pay line. That means that your minimum overall bet for game is $0.50 and the maximum is $50 - the latter is what's required to win the major jackpot prize. The symbols on the reels are a hoot; highly stylized three-dimensional elves, Rudolph's thugs, gift wrapped boxes, a very angry and armed to the teeth Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer symbol and more. You'll be wanting to know how much each one is worth, so here follows:

Rudolph functions as a substitution symbol and five of a kind get you 2000 candycane coins; for Rudolph's on the reels get you 1000 coins, three Rudolph's gets you three coins, and two Rudolph's get you 10 coins. Strangely enough, if any of these Rudolph the reindeer symbols are replaced with another Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer symbol, the coin amount you win is tripled in value. So that's a whopping 6000 coins for five of a kind. Rudolph can substitute for any other symbol except for the scattered thugs. If you get five thug symbols lined up on the reels, then the jackpot is all yours - the amount you actually win is dependent on the coin amount you put down per pay line at the beginning of the game.

Not surprisingly, the highest paying symbol is Santa Claus. For five Santa Claus symbols, the prizes 1500 coins; for four Santa Claus symbols you get 250 coins, for three Santa Claus symbols you get 20 coins and for two Santa Claus symbols you get five coins - but for this lowest amount, the value cannot be tripled with the appearance of the Rudolph the rednosed reindeer substitute symbol. The next symbol looks like a tied up grandmother - it's probably Mrs. St. Nick. For five of her the take is 1000 coins, four of her get you 150 coins, three of her get you 15 coins, and two of her get you three coins. The next symbols are together because the worth the same; Santa Claus's sleigh and a candycane stocking. Five of either one is worth 750 coins, four of either one is worth 100 coins, three of either one is worth 10 coins, and two of them is worth two coins. The final special characters that are paying symbols consists of a teddy bear toy and a forlorn elf. Five of a kind equals 250 coins, four of a kind equals 50 coins, and three of a kind get you seven coins.

The first batch of low paying symbols is comprised of the Ace, King, and Queen card suits from the table game poker. Five of a kind of each is worth 125 coins, four of a kind is worth 30 coins, and three of a kind is worth five coins. Once again, these values can be tripled with the appearance of a Rudolph the rednosed reindeer wild symbol. The final set of low paying symbols consists of the Joker, 10, and 9; five of a kind is worth 100 coins, four of a kind is worth 25 coins, and three of a kind is worth five coins.

You might want to know about the special game within a game called the Rudolph's Rampage Feature; it stems from getting several scatters on the reels. - This then launches a brand-new window that gives you an inside view into Santa's workshop. Once inside, your goal is to locate as many magic elves is possible, and as few moves as feasible. The prize for doing everything correctly is 50 extra games. There's also the Santa Strikes Back Feature; there's a 9X multiplier just waiting to be picked off by the Lucky online casino player. That's enough of telling you all about something that you can simply go to play; Return of the Rudolph slot is ready in waiting for your patronage. Download today.