Sherlock Holmes Slots

If you have searched far and wide for Sherlock Holmes Slots, yet haven't found much success – the reason is that it's also known by London Inspector Slots. Real Time Gaming was compelled to change the name because of copyright issues; but you can still find the titular Sherlock Holmes Slots in your favorite online casinos. No matter what the name, it always has 5 reels and 25 pay lines, along with wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins to extend year gaming time, and a healthy random jackpot.

Sherlock Holmes the Inspector symbol is the scatter symbol and it is capable of activating the special free spins feature if a minimum of three show up on the reels. Additionally, three or more of these Inspector symbols will payout a prize if they appear anywhere. The London Inspector wild symbol is represented by a golden old-style pocket watch; it's the substitute symbol for reason – it can replace any other symbol on the reels to help the player complete a winning pay line. It cannot replace the London Inspector scatter symbol, however. If you are a truly lucky individual and managed to get all five reels replete with substitute symbols, then your casino account will surge in size with the top payout of 40,000 coins.

The top prize of 40,000 coins can be a truly magnificent take; because of the beginning of the game, you have the option of betting between .01 credits and five credits per line. The 25 active pay lines can also be adjusted; if you play all 25 the lowest amount, then the maximum bet for that game is 0.25 credits. If you play all 25 active pay lines at the highest amount of five credits per game, then you're working with 125 credits per spin.

In Sherlock Holmes Slot, there's a special feature called the London Inspector Free Spins feature. When three Sherlock Holmes symbols appear on the reels, then the player wins five free spins immediately. When for Sherlock Holmes symbols show up, the prizes double to 10 free spins. If the maximum five Sherlock Holmes or London Inspector symbols appear at the same time on the reels, you win the maximum 15 free spins at the time. Any prizes you win it adjacent to this are tripled if they are one during the London Inspector Free Spins feature.

There are five high-value symbols in this video slot. The first one is the London police officer icon; five of a kind get you a win of 75 X, four of a kind get you 10 X, and three London police officer symbols get you a 2X prize. Next we have a caged lantern symbol; for five caged lantern symbols you get 1250 coins, for four lanterns you get 250 coins, for three lanterns you get 50 coins, and for two of a kind you get five coins. The following symbols are grouped together because there worth the same value; the London Inspector badge and the magnifying glass. For five of a kind of each you get 400 coins, for four of a kind you get 50 coins, for three of a kind you get 20 coins. The most valuable symbol of them all a Sherlock Holmes' detective Hat; five detective hats are worth a big time 4000 coins, four of the symbols are worth 500 coins, three of a kind are worth 100 coins, five of a kind are worth five coins, and even just getting a single detective hat icon on the reels still get you two coins.

Of the low paying symbols we first have the Ace in the King; five of a kind of either get you 200 coins, four of a kind of either one is worth 30 coins, three of a kind is worth 10 coins. The Queen and the Joker symbols from the table game poker are next; five of a kind is worth 100 coins, four of a kind is worth 20 coins, and three of a kind is worth five coins. The final two symbols are 10 and 9; five of a kind is worth 25 coins, four of a kind is worth 10 coins and three of a kind is worth five coins. Getting either two of a kind or a single of either symbol on the reels does not equate to a payout of any kind. Sherlock Holmes Slot – also known as London Inspector Slots – is an elite Real Time Gaming videogame that's available for both free play and real cash play today. To access the former, just navigate to the website and play the Flash version using the Instant Play button which should be displayed prominently on the landing page. To access the latter, you will have to download the casino software, make a deposit to receive your Welcome Bonus, and see if the reels spin in your favor. Download today!