The Shark Slots

The smash hit show “Shark Tank” has caused online search engine queries of “shark” to skyrocket in the past few years, as people have sought the disambiguation version in an effort to understand what makes a cutthroat businessman. In The Shark Slots, you’ve got a chance to extravert your hark0lik ways on to the gaming board; with 5 reels and 9 paylines, there’s a bit of space through which to ply your trade. The maximum bet is 45 cents on this Progressive Slot, and the bonus rounds make even more opportunities available as the game winds on and the special symbols align more frequently.

What are these symbols, you ask? Well, they start off with pink starfish; that strange crustacean that inhabits the watery depths in a five pronged configuration. We also have the conch shell with a pearl, the happy sea lion, the troubled green octopus, the treasure chest, the seahorse waitress and the great white shark symbols. The pay table for the entire game is located on the playing screen, allowing you to access it at any time at the bottom of the screen. Choose the number of lines you want to play, and then the coin size - assuming that you’ve chosen to play the real money version of The Shark Slots.

The coin size is fixed at just a penny, but you are allowed to bet between 1 and 5 coins per line. The active paylines, on the other hand, are variable so choose the number you want to play. The most valuable icon in the game is the starfish, which is the ostensible star of the show. If you line up 5 of these starfish, then the Progressive Jackpot is yours. The bonus symbol is the Treasure Chest, and when three of them appear, you get taken to the Bonus Round of The Shark Slots.The hope is that when the chest pops open, an adequate and treasured prize worth your while is inside. Your chances are very good if you’ve gotten this far.

Out of all the video slots we’ve ever played, The Shark Slots is one of the better ones with the Shark Power Super Jackpot hidden within the game. It takes the starfish to win this one, and 5 starfish gets you the entire Progressive Jackpot. Four starfish symbols gets you a number of values ranging between 1350x and 270x. Three starfish symbols gets you between 315x and 63x, whereas two starfish symbols gets you a range of 90x and 18x payout.

The sexy seahorse symbol also has a big variation in the amount of money it awards. For five of a kind of this underwater harlot, you can win 1225 coins, for four of a kind, you receive 540 coins, for three of a kind, you get 160 coins and for two of a kind you get 45 coins. The last paying symbol looks like a coral reef with a hat on. For five of a kind, there’s a solid 900 coins awaiting you, for four of a kind, you get 360 coins, for three of a kind, you get 135 coins and for two of a kind, there’s 15 coins waiting for you.

This game has more in store for you; to find out what lays in wait, go to the website on your mobile device or pc. You can access the game right away by playing the Flash version inside a Chrome or Firefox browser. To be eligible to play for money, though, you have to download the software and sign up. This action will unlock the Welcome Bonus to the casino, which starts you off with (usually) double the cash that you opened your new account with. It’s a great way to take advantage of the casino’s generosity; wouldn’t it be wonderful if your first win of many to come began with House cash?! Download today and play to find out if the stars have aligned for you; The Shark Slots is quite an experience.