Emperor Panda Slots

The very mention of a panda tells us more about the theme in this new slot than anything else. Expect lots of bamboo, some great animals supporting the panda in its role, and much more to come as well.

Let’s review the new Emperor Panda slot game to see what it might hold in store for us.

Do we know the name of the developer?

We do – it is none other than Realtime Gaming or RTG to use their initials.

It comes with a fully-fledged demo to try

If you’re not sure whether you want to play this new slot or not, don’t worry. Just load the demo or practice version and try that first. It works just like the real thing.

Theme information for Emperor Panda

The theme is superb and of course revolves around the panda. You should expect to meet some other creatures as you play too though. The reels appear in a huge area of bamboo – the panda’s favorite habitat.

Design features to look for

Expect plenty of detail in this game. From the bamboo to the animals themselves, every icon and indeed the backdrop too is done with care. We even like the appearance of the lower-valued letters and numbers because they are designed from bamboo pieces.

Getting down to basics with the Emperor Panda slot

The game does include some jackpots, but those are revealed during play if you reach the bonus feature, rather than appearing above the reels as you’d expect from a progressive title.

The game uses the typical five-reel format with three icons stacked on each reel. It’s no surprise to find the panda used as a wild icon, appearing on any reel except for the first one.

There are two symbols the panda cannot replace in Emperor Panda. The first one is a gold paw symbol, used during play as the scatter. The second is an emerald, and this is connected to that bonus feature we mentioned earlier.

How many lines can you play on?

You get 50 lines in this slot, all of which are fixed. You can see how they are arranged on the appropriate page of the paytable.

Bets for all budgets

The smallest coin is worth just one cent, while the largest maxes out at a dollar. With 50 lines to cover, it makes the cheapest wager 50 cents per spin. The biggest works out at $50.

A solidly built paytable

This may not be the most important feature of a slot game for you, but it does rank as one of the crucial features in our book. RTG has given you all the details you’ll need over 12 screens.

Looking for the Jackpot Emerald Bonus

Yes, this is where those emeralds come into play. Find six in a single spin in the base game and this feature is revealed. The emeralds that won you access remain where they landed, while other positions get three re-spins. If any more emeralds show up, those stay in position too.

If a corner position receives an emerald, the re-spin count resets to three. When you run out of spins, each emerald awards a prize. There are four jackpots to be won here, but some cannot be won unless you reach further stages of the bonus. However, even if you do not manage this, each emerald does hide a prize. The total is then awarded at the end of the round.

The trick to reaching the bigger jackpot potential is to find an emerald in each of the four corners of the reel set. When this occurs, the reel set increases in size. This can happen several times, reaching a maximum size of 8 x 4.

Does Emperor Panda include any free spins?

It does, yes, and as normal, these are awarded to those who have found three scatter symbols in the same spin. Remember, this is the golden paw.

You will get six free spins of the reels in this instance, but those reels are now going to have more wild symbols along with more scatters and additional emeralds in action. If another three scatters turn up in a free game, another three free spins are granted.

With more emeralds appearing too, the odds of reaching the bonus are improved here. If you managed to get the free spin trigger and the bonus trigger in the same base game spin, you would go through the bonus before the free games were played.

RTP information is unavailable

This isn’t a shock if you are used to reading about RTG slot games. It is common for their releases to be devoid of the return to player value.

Does Emperor Panda get a good rating from our team?

Yes – we think it does enough to warrant an eight out of 10 score. While the bonus isn’t going to be simple to trigger, it does hold significant prize potential if you get there. Furthermore, the free games have plenty of special symbols appearing – more than the base game does. So, there is a lot to appreciate here.

The biggest spin outcome for prizes is…

A huge 50,000x your wager. That’s quite some potential, and while most of us won’t get close to it, it does show how promising the game is.

Play the demo version of Emperor Panda today

What better way could there be to try it and see what you think? It is identical to the real version, so you can see how far your budget would go too. Remember, the minimum bet is 50 cents.

RTG casinos allow you to try the real game

You would need to be a member for this, but it is a good game with plenty of variety if you do like the demo.

You can play on mobile devices as well

Yes, this is simple enough to do once you get the hang of it. Try the demo for the first time on your tablet or smartphone, so you can work out the touchscreen controls. Android, iOS, and many other devices are fine.