Football Frenzy Slots

Nearly every single young man - and quite a few young women, in this liberated age - dreams of making it big on the field if they are athletic enough. Basketball is usually out of the question, because being larger than life isn't up to you - but football is certainly within almost any kid's dream since all it takes is skill and perseverance. By football, we mean the world's definition, not the American definition. With this in mind, Football Frenzy Slots has 5 reels and an otherworldly 50 paylines over which to display it's ode to the great game of soccer. You'll learn more about the fantastic theme, and the many symbols that have the potential to deliver riches untold to the real money gamers who download the software over playing in their browser.

Although there's no need to break out the pom-poms (unless you're a cheerleader), you should still break out the beer and chips so you can get fully into this game. The time will pass you by like never before, as you steadily unlock all that Football Frenzy has to offer. As exciting as the World Cup, you'll be delighted to learn that you're the Striker symbol in this game, and so are the one responsible for scoring the lucrative goals that pad your account with cash and prizes. Just how much is at stake? Try a 3000x multiplier of your total bet at the start of the game! The wild symbol is the one that activates this possibility, as long as it makes a substitution for the appropriate number of symbols as the game progresses.

What are some of the other attributes of Football Frenzy Slots? Well, there's a double dose of a jackpot, which means you can tap into two huge caches of cash during the course of gameplay. Both of these are random, which ensures that you're always in the game - no matter how down and out you feel because of a string of misses. There's a Penalty Kick bonus feature that opens up many opportunities for increasing your personal pile of cash, too. These represent just the tip of the collective iceberg, too.

As you delve further into the game, you'll find that there are free spins, multipliers and bonus features galore. At the very start, you get the option to choose whether you wish to play in Striker mode or in Lucky mode. The first one can eventually land you a hundred free games and a triple multiplier; the second (Lucky mode) can land you an Instant Option at the game's conclusion that provides more free chances at spinning the reels in the hopes of a win. The betting numbers are from a penny to five dollars per payline, which leaves you with plenty of leeway. The crowd in the background (all digital, of course) keeps up a chant on all of your successful spins.

The Scatter symbol in Football Frenzy Slots is the Soccer Stadium, itself. The Wild is the Football Striker (known as a kicker in American lingo). Decide what's more important to you before you choose the mode in which you want to play - multipliers, or the bonus features to come? This is only for people who are playing in the money mode. If you just want to see what the slot has to offer in terms of entertainment, just head to the website on your mobile device and play in your Firefox or Chrome browser. Whether you're a soccer fanatic or not, you will enjoy the sheer scope of Football Frenzy Slots at this grand online casino. Take a chance on it - you will not be disappointed.