Incan Goddess Slots

The ancient Incan tribe has always been considered as mysterious by the historians. The tribe used to roam around the world and they never used to settle at one place for a long time. However, the scenario had changed and they finally seemed to settle at Cuzco in 15th century. This fascinating tribe had rich cultural heritage to display. They used to take part in various mysterious rituals. The tribe had its leader male and female. They were generally called as King and Queen respectively. Sometimes, Queen used to be referred as goddess. This online casino slot game is based on the Goddess of Incan tribe.

In order to play this slot game, one needs to understand various features and basic aspects of the game. This is a 20 play lines based online slot game, which comes with 5 reels for spinning. Gamers have to look out for the Goddess symbol and collecting this symbol will unlock a lot of bonus points. To read about the gaming rules and to understand bonus as well as jackpot, you need to hit the help button on the game interface. To start with the game, you need to enter the betting amount. You can adjust the bet by clicking on the arrow symbol. Now, you need to choose the play lines. It is to be noted that this online slot game features 20 play lines. Gamers can choose all those play lines and it is also a good thing to be done. Choosing all play lines is always a good thing as it enhances your winning opportunity. The smallest bet that you can place is $0.01 and the highest bid for betting amount is $100.

The game comes with scatter symbol which is the temple. You need to collect three or more scatter symbols to find different bonus earning opportunities. It also has a wild symbol which is the goddess herself. This is a powerful symbol and it can substitute all other symbols. It helps multiplying your winning amount. When temple icon appears on any of the three reels, the bonus feature of the slot game gets activated. Not just multiplying your winning amount. Bonus will also come with free spinning options so that you can eventually earn more. During free spins, all winning amounts will be doubled.

The game has 20 play lines and thus gamers are allowed to multiple play lines. All 20 play lines can be chosen and after spinning of the wheels, different amounts shall be added to different play lines. Scatter bonus symbols shall come with every win. Scatter symbols also come with multiplier effects. They can multiply your winning amount so that the final amount becomes high as well as handsome. Your bet shall be divided equally on the number of lines that you have chosen for playing.

Overall, Incan Goddess Slot game comes with exciting as well as impressive ranges of features as well as options. Playing this game is always enjoyable.