Paris Beauty Slots

There are different platforms and brands always looking to make your life interesting by providing something unique and special. Real Time Gaming is one such brand that always tries to surprise its millions of users with some beautiful online games. When it comes to casino slots games, RTG is undoubtedly leading the way with some stunning casino games. Paris Beauty Slots game is one of the best examples of RTG’s determination towards technology and entertainment.

If you love playing online casino games, Paris Beauty Slots game is undoubtedly going to give you some goosebumps. There are some amazing features of the game that make it one of the best casino games playing around the world on different platforms. Before deciding to play the game, you would want to have a fair idea about everything related to the game. Have a look at some genuinely fascinating aspects of the game.

Introduction of the Game:

As the name suggests, the game is based on the French Theme. There are different symbols like the Eiffel Tower, a painter, and some croissants. The most important symbol in the game is Lady who appears on the reel 1 and 5 and is capable of substituting all other symbols except the powerful scatter symbol- Eiffel Tower. When the Lady symbol is completed, the winning prize is tripled. The game is generally based on 5-reel, 2—play line Real Series Slots and a random jackpot. The free spin comes with a re-spin feature and re-spin can be triggered with wilds, and scatters.

Paris Beauty Wild Symbol:

As we have already learned, Lady Symbol is the most important symbol in the game. You need to use this wild symbol with utmost care as it can influence a significant impact on all your winning amounts. If you are successful in using this symbol accurately, all your winning amounts will be tripled! So, use it carefully and smartly.

Scatter Symbol and Free Spin:

Eiffel Tower, the scatter symbol in the game is also critical. 3 or more scatter symbols can trigger as much as 12 free spins. And in the free spin condition, all the winning gets doubled. Moreover, if 2’3 or 4 show on the screen, the re-spin feature is triggered. Scatters will pay 1 X your bet for 2 Eiffel Towers, 2X bet for 3 Eiffel Towers, 10X bet for 4 Eiffel Towers and 100X your bet for 5 Eiffel Towers.

Re-Spin feature of Paris Beauty Slots:

The re-spin feature of Paris Beauty Slots is slightly different than other casino games. Re-spin can lock the scatter symbols down on the reels and re-spin the other reels at a time. If you get another Eiffel Tower during the re-spin, the free spin feature is re-triggered and for your pleasant surprise, 12 more spins are awarded. If you can win ten spins during the bonus game, all the prizes get doubled. And if you win any additional games during the feature play, the prize gets tripled. And again, the free-spin feature is re-triggered.

Random Jackpot of Paris Beauty:

In a very different turn of events, Random Jackpot in Paris Beauty Slots offer you some exciting features and the most notable thing is, it can be won at any time during gameplay! It’s all about your luck!


A touch of French glamour, some exciting features, and unique symbols make Paris beauty Slots one of the best online casino games. The game provides you some real chances to grab very high amount by winning your bet. Higher the betting- greater are the chances of being a casino king!