Wok & Roll Slots

Wok & Roll is such a unique slot that you can tell right away it’s from Real Time Gaming - they have a knack and predilection for innovation when it comes to online casino games, as displayed by two decades of output. If the word Wok sounds somewhat familiar to you, it should: it refers to food and the stuff used in some cultures to cook delectable dishes. With 5 reels and 25 paylines, this video slot provides a game-oriented insight to the Chinese cooking style. Be on guard so that you don’t leap at the screen and try to eat it - you’ll see some dazzling Asian cuisine on the screen; but the only thing you can actually get from it - if you’re lucky - are multipliers, free spins, wild symbols and more.

One of the most unconventional aspects of Wok & Roll Slots are the double progressive jackpots that are available. They are awarded at random, which means that you are always in the running to potentially win one. Plus, if you do win, there’s no delivery cost or tip necessary!!

Although you can play this game for free by simply opening your browser to the website home page; the real money play is where the risk vs reward aspect resides. To play for a shot at the cash inside, you can bet as little an amount as a penny per payline. This makes, for a full payline round, you’d be spending 25 cents. You can certainly play more than a penny - in ascending amounts up to a maximum of $5; which, at the high end, makes for a total of $125 per game if you’re playing all of the paylines every time - which is a strategy that’s recommended by veteran casino gamblers. It gives you the most possible chances of winning something, since it extends your own side of the probability matrix. There are never any guarantees in video slots, of course; but it’s always a plus to give yourself as many chances as you can stand for a shot at winning.

The symbols on the reels include a chef’s knife, chop suey, Chinese take-out box, celery, chef, bowl of soup, shrimp and egg fried rice, Chinese restaurant, fortune cookie, a couple of egg rolls and a plat of salmon. Out of all of these, the Wild symbol is the chef, himself, and he is quite happy holding up his big knife and a duck. For 5 chef symbols you win a huge 5000 coins, for 4 chefs you win 1250 coins, for 3 chefs you get 250 coins and for 2 chefs the award is 10 coins. As the Substitute symbol, the chef can replace any other symbol to complete a winning payline - except for the Wok & Roll symbol, which is the Scatter. The Scatter symbol, when 5 of a kind appear, gives the player 200 coins; when 4 of a kind show up, you get 20 coins, for 3 of a kind, you get 3 coins and for 2 Wok & Roll symbols you receive 1 coin. Any associated wins are multiplied by the complete amount of your bet.

After the two bonus symbols, the highest paying symbol without any special talents is the Chinese lady (dressed in red). For 5 lady symbols, the reward is 2500 coins, for 4 lady symbols, you get 500 coins, for 3 lady symbols you get 100 coins and for 2 lady symbols you win 5 coins. The next highest-paying symbol is the Chinese restaurant; for 5 of a kind, you win a solid 1250 coins, for 4 restaurant symbols, you win an adequate 250 coins, for 3 restaurant symbols you get 25 coins, and for 2 Chinese restaurant symbols you get 3 coins. The next high-paying symbol is the Chinese take-out box; for 5 of a kind the award is 2 coins.

Next on the list of rectification are the lower paying symbols; these tend to come in pairs or triplets in most games - especially when there are no poker symbols, as is the case in Wok & Roll Slots. The first set includes the salmon dish and the fortune cookies; for 5 of them the award is 500 coins, for 4 of them the award is 100 coins, and for 3 of them, you get 10 coins. The next set of lower paying symbols includes the shrimp and rice combination dish, the egg rolls and the bowl of pierogies; for 5 of a kind of each, you win 300 coins, for 4 of a kind of each you get 50 coins, and for 3 of a kind, you win 5 coins. The final set of low-cost symbols includes celery, the chef’s knife and the bowl of soup. For 5 of a kind of either one, you come into a 200 coins win; for 4 of a kind, you receive 25 coins, and for 3 of a kind, you get 5 coins.

Wok & Roll Slots is an RTG classic; or at least, a soon-to-be classic. The symbols are eye-catching, the gameplay is legit, and there’s some money to be won for the real cash crowd. Download today and see if it suits your playing preferences.