Snowmania Slots

Snowmania Slots is just-in-time for the winter holiday season, and boasts incomparable three-dimensional graphics that really make you feel like you're in a winter wonderland of sorts. Snowmen and fanciful festivities adorned the lawn, as the ice turns to slush while still maintaining enough form to support the rendering of fantastical elements. More to the point, in this Real Time Gaming video slot you can hopefully tap into some free spins to help you recapture your winning ways for the cash prizes in the real money version of the game.

Snowmania Slots has 5 reels and 20 pay lines, and it supports mobile gaming on your smart phone and tablet. One of several special bonus symbols on the reels is entitled Ice Wild, and he can show up on the second, third and fourth reels in order to help you with an increased payout. The animations include having the symbols get crushed in a neat display right before they award you you're waiting cash and prizes. In a nice twist, you can even tap into some extra wins when you symbols show up immediately after a recent win. The so-called prize multiplier keeps on adding up as you win and win again and delivers such prizes as a 2X, 3X, and 5X multiplier bonus.

Another important symbol - will delve into the others shortly - is the Christmas Gift symbol. It shows up in the left to right direction to deliver an impressive 10 free spins for the lucky player. Any prizes you win during the free spins that you use are subject to multiplier enhancement; with this attribute, it is possible to enjoy a 15x prize total.

The symbols on the reels of Snowmania Slots include a delectable gingerbread man that's actually have eaten in the head region, the red Christmas hat of Santa Claus, a mistletoe, a giant turnip, a purple gift wrapped presents, a golden bell with a red sash and more. As a reminder, the number of ice cold multipliers that you can win is listed at the very top of the screen and includes a 1X, 2X, 3X, and 5X improvements over your current Riches as delivered by the particular symbol combination payout.

One of the most important symbols in Snowmania Slots is the gift box; if you can get three or more of them on the pay lines from the left to right direction, then you activate 10 free spins or games. All of these have the re-triggering attribute, and that you can continue to activate new awards of 10 free spins even as your playing with one of them. It is quite possible to become inundated with free chances at winning, especially given the fact that any prizes one during the free spins round are triple whatever you one in the previous round, or even 6X what you get in the initial crush, or 9X of what you get in the following crush and up to 15 X overall.

Additionally, if you happen to retrigger as stated above, you also get 5 extra free games on top of the 10 - in honor of the statistical difficulty of retriggering multiple times with the gift box symbol. In the following paragraphs, you'll learn about the other symbols mean and how this factors into the payouts that you can expect for the quantity you line up in Snowmania Slots. The wild symbol is the Ice icon, and it shows up on the second, third, and fourth reels in a bid to replace every other symbol to complete a winning combination for the resulting payout. It cannot, however, replace the Scatter symbol.

The symbol payouts are always an interesting development in games like this; as such, let us check out what the values are. Starting things off right is the most lucrative symbol of them all - the sock full of candy canes. For five of a kind this one get you a 2500 coin payout; for four stocking stuffers full of candycane you win 250 coins, and for three of a kind you get 50 coins. The next highest paying symbol is the golden bell with a red sash; for five of a kind you win 1000 coins, for four gold bells with red sash symbols you win 100 coins, and for three gold bell icons you get 20 coins.

The next couple of symbols also belong in the high paying icon category. We start off with the purple wrapping paper symbol; for five of a kind you win 300 coins, for four purple wrappers for Christmas presents you get 50 coins, and for three of a kind you win 12 coins. Although 12 coins might see modest, keep in mind that the actual dollar value is dependent on the coin denomination you chose at the start of the game - as well as a number of coins you wanted to play per pay line. The second symbol of the two is Santa Claus's red hat; for five of a kind the award is 150 coins, for four of a kind you win 25 coins, and for three Santa Claus hats you win 10 coins.

There are no poker card jackets in Snowmania Slots; the low paying symbols as substitute for these are as follows: we start off with the turnip symbol; for five of a kind you win 100 coins, for four turnip symbols you win 20 coins, and for three turnips you win five coins. The delicious looking gingerbread man symbol is also a doozy; for five of a kind you win 75 coins, for four of a kind you get 15 coins, and for three of a kind you win a cool for coins. The final symbol is a mistletoe with three fruits that look like cherries; for five of a kind you win 50 coins, for four of a kind you get 10 coins, and for three of a kind you win three coins.

It's a wonderful Winter Wonderland of a slots, and it practically beckons for you to download and play it in the comfort of your warm living room this holiday season. Download it today to try your luck with the real money version, or practice for free with fun money first to get the hang of Snowmania Slots. Merry Christmas from your favorite slot-makers, and Happy New Year!