Fortune Frog Slots

A Fortune Frog sounds like a curious creature to meet. However, you will indeed meet this frog if you try this slot game, based on an unusual approach and offering some entertaining features for those willing to give it a try. If you’d like to know more before doing anything else, follow along with us as we learn more.

Who created Fortune Frog slots?

This is a great new title from Realtime Gaming.

Make sure you try the demo first

It does have one, and for good reason, as it gives you an option to try it out for a few no-risk spins with a demo balance.

Does it offer a frog-filled theme?

There is one frog, the titular frog, who appears as the game begins and sits on a stone disc under the reels. You can expect to see other characters on the reels too.

Unusual elements are involved in the design

Look closely at the reels. Can you see the icons moving? The slot has some 3D elements that never seem to stop moving. It’s a little unnerving in a way, especially when you spot the snake’s head! It looks good though.

The reels do not spin. Instead, the frog squirts what looks like water towards each spot on the reels. This allows new symbols to appear.

Basic features in the Fortune Frog slot game

There are five reels involved, and while the hexagon icon design means the reels are slightly staggered, the game does still use the 5 x 3 format you’ve seen before. One thing you won’t find here is a progressive jackpot though.

We don’t need to cover wilds or scatters here, since no special symbols of this kind appear in the game. You will find some Frog Bomb symbols in play though. These are shown as a | symbol, with the others shown as 1, 2, and 3. More about these in a moment.

How many paylines are in the Fortune Frog slot game?

There are 20 fixed paylines in action here, meaning all must be played on every spin.

Choose your wager wisely

You can begin play from just $2 a time, based on the fixed payline format. This equates to 10 cents per line. You can go no higher than $5 per line.

Look for three lines to find the paytable

The lines are in the bottom right corner of the game. You’ll see four icons pop up. Choose the second one from the top to go into the paytable.

Bonus Frog Bombs!

Those four symbols show how many spins need to occur before each bomb explodes. There are four colors of bombs that could appear, and each one behaves in a different way:

  • Green – explodes and affects symbols from left to right
  • Blue – explodes and affects symbols up and down from that position
  • Pink – explodes and affects symbols on adjacent sides to the bomb
  • Red – explodes and affects adjacent corners

These are easier to understand when you try the demo game and see them in action. We highly recommend you do this before you move on to the paid version of Fortune Frog.

Are there any free spins here?

No, but the game does have Cascading Wins, which means you could get more than one prize resulting from the same spin. If a spin results in one or more prizes, the icons involved in the wins would be removed. The ones above fill the vacated spots, with new symbols being added to the grid where those spaces now are. This means you essentially get at least two chances of a prize from a single winning spin. The process would carry on until nothing new has been won, too.

What is the RTP?

The return to player is not known for the Fortune Frog slot.

Our rating for Fortune Frog

The Frog Bombs make this game way better than it would otherwise have been. This gets 9/10 from us, because of the unpredictability and engagement offered on each spin.

No progressive for potential winners to get

However, you can review the paytable to find out what else might be in store. The best potential comes from successive prizes gleaned from one opening spin. Of course, those Frog Bombs also carry the potential for more prizes to be won.

Play for fun to figure out how this one works

Trying the game is way better than reading any review, even ours. We recommend you check it out today to see how those bombs can explode and increase the chances of scoring some more prizes.

Play for real when you locate Fortune Frog at an RTG casino

You’ll need to sign up to play for real but watch out for signup bonuses to take advantage of if you decide to do this.

Mobile possibilities

The Fortune Frog slot is a new title from Realtime Gaming, so you can count on having the ability to play on mobile too. That means Android and iOS.