Witch's Brew Slots

Witch’s Brew is one of the bally-hooed progressive slots that have driven the online casino gaming world virtually insane with glee. The money that’s available to be won in the real money version of the game (the one requiring you to download the casino software in order to enact this option) is delightfully attractive, and draws gamblers in droves - even though you can always play Witch’s Brew for fun money, as well. As for the setup, it has an unconventional 3 reels and a single payline; this rare for a video slot but the usual case for a Classic. It’s also possible to rack up a multitude of wild symbols simultaneously, for a truly symbol combination replacing bonanza!

Now onto the meat of the game - the progressive jackpot tally. The amount is truly life-changing, although it won’t make you wealthy. How does an extra $50,000 sound?! Especially during the holiday season, or at any other time of the year to help alleviate the heavy weight of impending bills. Slotland Entertainment has outdone itself with Witch’s Brew Slots and the huge amount of money that’s available in one fell swoop for the lucky player.

The betting starts at $0.50 and increases in increments up to four dollars for an entire game. All symbol combinations that payout do so in the left to the right direction only; as with all such video slots, you want to rack up as many identical symbols is possible to corral the resulting payout on the line. The games pay table can be seen easily no matter what part of the slot you're currently in; it is filled with all of the fruit values that coincide with the symbol combinations.

The substitute symbol is represented by the witches brew in a black cauldron. In fact, there are seven such cauldrons on the gameboard, and they represent the different fruits that are available as symbols on the reels. This game has a unique attribute involving the fruits in the cauldrons; whenever you play a round in the fruit symbol combinations do not add up to a payout directly, then the fruit falls into a cauldron is a holdover for the next spin. Once all of the cauldrons fill up, then you are in for a prize.

As for the values themselves, let's start things off right with the most lucrative symbol in the game – the pumpkin. You can win up to X 100 with this one; if you play $0.50 at the beginning of the game, it's possible to win up to $50 if three pumpkins appear on all of the reels. If you play up to one dollar and three pumpkins appear, then the top possible prize on the pay line is $100. If you play two dollars at the start of the game is a Wager, and you can win up to $200 when three pumpkin fruits appear on the reels. For a Wager three dollars at the start, you could be online for $300 with the appearance of three pumpkin symbols. Lastly for the maximum for dollar Wager in Witch's Brew Slots, you win a healthy $400 with the appearance of three pumpkin icons.

The next fruit symbol is a green line or green Apple (it's hard to tell which). It's possible to win up to X 50 your wager with this one – depending on how much you bet. For a $0.50 Wager, three green fruit symbols can return a win of $25. For a one dollar Wager, three green fruit symbols can get you $50; instead bet two dollars, then your nine for a potential one dollar win for three green fruit symbols on the gameboard. If you wager three dollars, and three green fruit symbols get you $150 payout, and the maximum four dollars get you $200 for three green fruit symbols.

The yellow fruit looks like a pair, so we shall treelike one. It is capable of delivering a win of up to X 20; if you wager $0.50 at the start, then three pair symbols can get you a $10 payout on the single pay line. If you wager one dollar, and three pair symbols can get you $20; if you instead wager two dollars, then a result of three yellow pears can deliver a $40 win. If you wager three dollars, and three yellow pears can get you $60; lastly, three yellow pears symbols is worth $80 on a four dollar wager.

The red strawberry is a pretty good symbols well, and can deliver a win of up to X 10 on the right wager. For a modest $0.50, three strawberry symbols can get you five dollars. For a wager one dollar, three strawberry symbols can get you $10; if you up the ante to two dollars, then you're in line for a $20 win with the appearance of three strawberry symbols. If you instead wager three dollars, and three strawberry symbols can get you $30 – lastly, if you bet the greatest amount you can on this slot of four dollars, and you can win $40 if three strawberry symbol shows up.

The blue from symbol is a respectable icon; even though it also kind of looks like in a plant. You can win up to X5 with this one – with X being the amount you bet at the start of the game. For $0.50 wager that comes out the $2.50; for one dollar wager that comes out to five dollars if you get three blue plums symbols on the gameboard. If you wager to dollars and get three blue plum symbols then you can walk away with a $10 win. If you instead bet three dollars, and is possible to walk away with $15. If you wager the max four dollars, and three blue plum icons guarantees a $20 payout on the single pay line of Slotland Entertainment's Witch's Brew Slots.

The blueberry symbol is capable of returning a result of X3 when three of a kind shows up on the reels. For a $0.50 Wager, you can win just one dollar and $0.50 for three blueberry icons. For a one dollar Wager, is prize money is pumped up to three dollars if three of a kind appear. For a two dollar Wager and the appearance of three blueberry symbols on the reels, you win six dollars. For three dollar Wager, three blueberry symbols equals nine dollars. Finally, for the maximum for dollar Wager on the single pay line, your payout could be $12 for three of a kind on the reels.

The final symbol is a pair of red cherries – these are worth X2 for three of a kind. That means that for $0.50 Wager, you can win a single dollar. For one dollar Wager, you can win two dollars for three of a kind of the red cherries symbols. For two dollar wager you can win four dollars, for three dollar Wager that bumps up to six dollars, and for the maximum four dollars Wager, three double Cherry symbols can get you eight dollars as a payout.