Funkey Monkey Slots

Funky Monkey Slots is one of the most fun online casino games that we've ever played. In fact by looking at the theme, it reminds us of the old adage concerning infinite monkeys strumming on infinite typewriters upon which they were supposed to have been able to write the Bible or an especially long Shakespearean drama. But hey let's not kid ourselves; even if it took all of eternity is not a person among us who would not pay to watch that - in its entirety.

In this particular slot you got a trio of monkeys with plenty of style and musical verve bidding on bongo drums and stranding the cars that looks suspiciously like ancient Grecian and liars. There are gold records scattered about the reels and plenty of cash to be one in the games magnificent bonus feature which confers a gaping 10 X multiplier on the lucky player. You should know that there are plenty of ways to win because Funky Monkey Slots has five reels and the standard 20 pay lines. Also, you can bet anything from as little as five cents to a bank account clearing $50 per pay line; as you can see, this slot is open to both low rollers and highrollers.

We've spoken with many seasoned casino gaming veterans, and when it comes to betting they have got it just about all figured out. Their favorite strategy to completely maximize their probability of winning something is to always try and play every single pay line available; while doing so, they alter the amount of money they bet each line, which lesson keep the bed well within their price ranges. If you are a real money player, then this is the strategy that you should adopt. Use Funky Monkey Slots on screen arrows to pick the amount you intend to better pay line - remember, you cannot win a bunch of bananas if you're not willing to bet at least a few.

Once you are ready to let the chips fall where they may, just hit the spin button. Alternatively, if you are multitasking at the time, then feel free to use autoplay button. You will be presented with a list of directions if you choose play; here, you will be presented with the number of spins you wish to choose, and you will also be able to direct the game to alert you when a huge win falls into your lap, or when the bonus round appears because you lined up symbols of the right type, and in the right path to.

There are many zany symbols in this fun town inspired pokie. These monkeys are jamming up a storm, and are accompanied by powerful symbols such as the banana scatter, which takes just to to grant you when - unlike most of the other slots where three of them are necessary to unlock a bevy of free spins and other bonus features. Additionally, the Funky Monkey is the wild symbol; it substitutes for any other symbol of the game except for the banana scatter in the Funky Monkey game logo. Despite its power the wild Funky Monkey logo icon can only appear on the first, third, and fifth reels.

If you want to get to the bonus round get ready to be happy with the Funky Monkey on the first and the fifth reel. Getting here should actually get you very excited because it is possible to win up to 25 extra chances at playing the game - on the House! In the bonus rounds you are treated to a concert By the Funky Monkey, during which you get to choose to me wanting to play. There's an audience and the soundtrack is comprised of its applause. The number of three games you win is determined by a so-called Monkey Meter which displays the level of the applause. In addition to the free games we also have prize multipliers to. It is possible, as stated earlier, to win a 10 X multiplier by using the Funky Monkey icons as substitutes symbols within the free games session. There's a lot to absorb in this fantastic slot, and the above is just the basics. Download it unless you want to just play in the free mode. Otherwise, the Progressive Jackpot awaits!