Nova7s Slots

Nova 7s Slots is a Real Time Gaming venture that whisks you out into the deepest recesses of outer space on an adventure to capture whatever gems away you on the reels. Speaking of which, this slot has 5 reels and 25 pay lines over which the brightest lights in the celestial heavens explode in a cascade of colors with which to regale the audience. There are fantastic supernova explosions as well as the more muted but still gorgeous solar flares from stars that are yet to die flashing in a steady reverberation to the Slots operatic soundtrack. Nova 7s Slots is truly a wonder to behold.

Out of all of the potential combinations that lead to lucrative payouts, keep an eye out for the red 7 wild symbols because of the multitude of properties they possess. First of all they can fluoresce in a gorgeous solar flare to encourage at least one of the reels to turn wild, alternatively the red 7 wild symbol can go nova for more gameboard enhancements, or even a magnificent supernova to multiply wins by a factor of seven. The final form is a magnificent hyper nova, which is known to astrophysicists as the most energetic single object in the entire universe. Just wait to you see what the game has in store for you if the red 7 wild symbol turns hyper nova!

This game is all about colors, and Nova 7s Slots really delivers. If you manage to get the blue 7 symbols, then get a load of the free games that are activated when the site quantity on the reels. It has a quadruplet of features that are attendant with its appearance; these begin with bonuses such as the Nova 7s, an increase on up to the explosive Hyper nova Extreme game that can award you seven free spins and a bundle of extra wild symbols that expand to complete the winning combination. There are respins available with this feature, and any prizes you win are multiplied by factor of seven times whatever you bet at the start of the game in the real money version.

The symbols on the reels, although they can perhaps be mistaken for some of the planets in the solar system, show that they are not upon closer inspection. First of all there's a giant green colored planet that looks rather toxic, as well as a golden planets that probably spends far too much time close to the sun. There's a giant red planet that looks very much like Jupiter, and the blue 7 wild symbol occupies the center reel. The other symbols consist of a purple galaxy in a sort of Niels Bohr's atom configuration; a central nucleus with electrons and discrete states spinning all about like a probability cloud. There's an orange, yellow, blue, and green version of the aforementioned to as symbols.

Here's a little bit more information on the special symbols in the game. The blue 7 symbol serves as the wild and it can access enhanced features starting with the solar flare. A solar flare is a magnificent eruption on the surface of a star that's actually crossed by a breaking of magnetic field lines after they've allowed electromagnetic energy to build up for a time. The next special feature of the wild symbol is a nova, which is a type of star quake that only occurs on the surface of a white dwarf star – the physics of electron degenerate matter is rather complex and far beyond the scope of this extremely fun slot from Real Time Gaming.

The next special feature is a supernova, and this occurs when a star that is about three times larger than our own sun finally runs out of hydrogen fuel and has to burn helium – in order to do so it must undergo gravitational contraction to convert the kinetic energy of its collapsing layers into enough power required to essentially crush the resilient helium nucleus and foster a nuclear reaction; a further contraction actually causes a carbon oxygen detonation which is more popularly known as the supernova. The final feature is a hyper nova, and it occurs under the conditions of the previous; except this time, the very center of the star is either an incompressible neutron star, quark gluon plasma, or an outright blackhole. Nova 7s Slots is truly a journey into the more esoteric vicissitudes of modern stellar astrophysics.

The scatter symbol, on the other hand, is a red 7 and it has up to four features that can be triggered when at least three of them shows up. Only one of these features of the time can be activated, so don't get too happy! In normal games, whatever the scatter brings is only a triggered when the combination of scatter symbols appears in the left to right direction – which is actually rather uncommon when it comes to scatters. Usually, they are All Ways Pay symbols.

This is the symbols section where you discover which ones payout handsomely or other. Let's start off with the planet Jupiter knockoff; for five of a kind on the reels you win 777 coins, for four planet Jupiter's you get 177 coins, for three planet Jupiter's you win 77 coins, and for two planet Jupiter icons in Nova 7s Slots you get seven coins flat. Next we have a cratered blue moon symbol; for five of a kind is high paying symbol returns a result 577 coins. For four cratered blue moon symbols you win 77 coins, for three crater blue moons you get 27 coins, and for two of a kind you win three coins.

Next up we have the toxic glowing green planet; for five of a kind you win 377 coins, for four green planets you get 77 coins, and for three toxic green planets you win 17 coins. Next up is a group that includes the gold planet and the orange colored galaxy spiral; for five of a kind of either one you get 277 coins, for four of a kind you win 37 coins, and for three of a kind of either you get seven coins. The rest of the symbols also common batches of two. The yellow galaxy in the green galaxy symbols are together such that five of a kind guarantees you a 177 coin win, four of a kind gets you 27 coins, and three of a kind is worth seven coins. Lastly there is the purple galaxy and the electric blue galaxy; together they are each worth for five of a kind 77 coins, for four of a kind 17 coins, and for three of a kind of these galaxies you win three coins.