Zombies vs. Cheerleaders II Slots

Zombies are everywhere, if you are to believe the mainstream entertainment complex. There are numerous themed shows such as The Walking Dead and its many spin offs that highlight the public's predilection for this genre; and this video slot from RTG is no different. With 5 reels and 25 paylines, Zombies vs. Cheerleaders II is the second time around for what was an eminently successful first go-around; and everything’s just got better. The brain-hungry zombies are back, but they are met squarely with Earth’s first defense line of fearless cheerleaders. It’s easy to get lost in all the fun you’ll have spinning these reels; but remember to keep your eye on the prize in the real money version of the game.

Zombies vs. Cheerleaders Slots has more active payline equivalents than it seems, because this is a pokey that pays out in the right to left and left to right directions. The substitute symbol is represented by a war axe with blood on it, and the scatter icon is the Zombies vs Cheerleaders game insignia. If you chance upon at least three of these scatter symbols in a row, then you are endowed with up to 6 free games - the more scatters you get, the more free spins are in store.

There are other game attributes that manifest themselves within the free spins round. First of all, the highschool cheerleader warrior on the 1st reel will change into a substitute symbol, and the brain eating zombie on both the 4th and the 5th reels will also go wild. This plenitude of substitute symbols represents a huge opportunity for players to pick up loads of extra wins if Lady Luck swings their way and the slot responds favorably. Additionally, it’s possible to trigger or activate some extra games even while using the current ones as the bonus round progresses. At the conclusion of any particular round, a random jackpot can be delivered squarely into your virtual lap.

We mentioned the wild symbols replacement capabilities, but we have yet to talk about how much the symbol combinations, themselves, are worth. For five of a kind of the blood-riddled battle axe symbol, you win a 1000 coin payout. For four of a kind of the battle axe, you get 500 coins; for three of a kind there’s a considerable drop off in value to 50 coins, and for two of a kind you win just 2 coins. The next wild symbol is the cheerleader; for five of a kind she delivers a 500 coin win; for four of a kind you get 250 coins; for three of a kind the prize is 25 coins, and for two of a kind, you win 2 coins. The scatter symbol values are next, and for five of a kind of the Zombies vs. Cheerleaders II logo, you win 50 coins. For four of a kind, you get 10 coins, for three logos symbols you win 5 coins, and for 2 scattered logo symbols you get 2 coins.

Next up we have the baseball bat wielding cheerleader (she is perhaps the second in command). For five of a kind, you win 375 coins; for four baseball cheerleader symbols you win 75 coins, and for three of a kind of this symbols you receive a 10 coin prize. The zombie comes right afterwards (fittingly), and for five of a kind of this monstrosity, you win 250 coins; for four zombie symbols you get 50 coins, and for 3 zombies on the reels you win 5 coins. The football player, who would otherwise be the hero of this series (which would then necessitate a different title, of course!), has already been zombified. Alas! For five of a kind, he is worth 250 coins; for four football player zombie symbols you receive 50 coins, and for three football player zombies you get 5 coins.

The poker card symbols are, as usual, the final ones that pay out in this video slot from RTG. Starting off with the group that contains the Ace, we have, for five Ace jackets on the reels, a payout of 125 coins; for four Ace jackets you win 40 coins, and for three Ace suits you receive 5 coins. The King follows this act resolutely, and five of a kind is worth 75 coins; four King suits are worth 25 coins, and three King jackets gets you 5 coins.

The court jester symbol is more commonly known as the Joker; for five of a kind across the reels of Zombies vs. Cheerleaders II Slots, you win 75 coins; for four of a kind, you get 10 coins, and for three Joker jackets you receive 5 coins. The Queen precedes the Joker; but we shall check her out here this one time: for five Queen symbols the prize is 50 coins; for four Queen symbols the prize is 10 coins, and for three Queen symbols the award is 5 coins.

The final low paying symbols in the game are the 10 and the 9. For five 10 poker card symbols on the gameboard, your payout would be 50 coins; for four 10 symbols you would win 10 coins, and for three 10 symbols you’d get 5 coins deposited into your casino account once the game concludes. For five of a kind of the 9 symbol, you win 50 coins; for four of a kind of the 9 symbol you get 10 coins; for three of a kind of the 9 you come into 5 coins, and in a rare turnabout, you also get paid for getting just two 9 symbols on the reels: 5 coins again.

The final feature to keep an eye out for in Real Time Gaming’s Zombies vs. Cheerleaders Slots is the Battle Feature. It’s activated when at least three scattered logo symbols appear on any of the five reels. The resulting 6 free spins prolong your game and increase your chances of winning big. To learn more just see the ingame paytable. Play now and experience girl power against the undead.