Triple Toucan Slots

Triple Toucan Slots:

Triple Toucan Slots is not less than a tropical paradise with the ravishing world of numerous flowers, plants, and birds. You will straightway get the hint who is the developer of Triple Toucan Slots. Your guess is right! The RTG has been very impressive to straight all the records of developing great online casino slots with some fascinating features. Triple Toucan Slots will give you a very pleasing experience especially due to its ravishing theme and the features full of surprises and excitement. The online casino slot will provide you with a much-needed chance to get yourself away from your regular daily routine and to try something different and new.

The Theme of the Slots:

The Triple Toucan Slots is all about the beautiful and peaceful world of Tropical Island. The picturesque theme of the game is going to keep you interested and indulge for very long. You won’t be able to get yourself away from this awe-inspiring world of beautiful theme, melodious audio, and lag-free and clean graphics. The world full of flowers, birds, and plants is waiting for you to have a visit and enjoy your free time.

The Beautiful Symbols of Triple Toucan Slots:

The Toucan Symbol itself is the Wild Symbol in the slot, and it will swap all other symbols apart from the scatter symbol. It can emerge on the reels one, three, and five only. When the wild symbol of the slot is activated, all the winnings get tripled.

The Tropical Fruit Symbol is representing the Scatter Symbol of the slot. Two or more Tropical Fruit Symbol can pay anywhere on the five reels. Having three or more Scatter Symbols is going to activate the Free Spin feature of the slot.

There are some other important symbols in the slot as well. The 9, 10, J, Q, K and A symbols are going to give you high chances of increasing your winning amounts. The Parrot Symbol of the slot also becomes very valuable when it combines with other symbols on any reel. The Frog Symbol isn’t hopping around without any reason. It will also be going to influence the winning combinations to a decent extent. Combine all the symbols properly and stand a chance of pocketing the substantial amounts.

Free Spin Feature of Triple Toucan Slots:

The emergence of three or more Scatter Symbol is going to activate the Free Spin in Triple Toucan Slots. 3, 4 or Five Scatter Symbols will award you Nine, Fifteen or Twenty-Five Free Spins. When the Free Spin feature is active and if the Toucan Symbol is aligned with any payable combination, it will be expanded to the whole reel and can substitute for all the possible wins.

The Progressive Jackpot:

The Triple Toucan Online Casino Slots offers an exciting Progressive Jackpot. You won’t have a proper idea about your Jackpot Winnings until you get the final results. All the prizes of the Jackpots will be awarded after you finish your betting. You need to choose your bet wisely. Higher the stake, higher are the chances of having the Progressive Jackpot and of course, the substantial amounts.


The Triple Toucan Slots offers a lot of excitement and prizes. From the theme, the pay-lines, gameplay, symbols, animation, audio, and the rewards of the game, there is a lot to look at. You can have a great chance of grabbing vast amounts with smart moves and with the help of little luck. RTG is standing proudly among its competitors with the wide range of fantastic casino games, and Triple Toucan Slots is perhaps one of the best works by the company.