Wooden Boy Slots

At first glance, you might wonder why this is called Wooden Boy Slots; but upon further reflection, it should be obvious that fair use and copyright issues might apply if the software makers used Pinocchio to describe this Pokey. Nonetheless, the name aptly describes the theme of the slots, and whisks you back to a more innocent time in your youth when the story of the lying puppet and his master Geppetto both sought to fulfill their familial needs.

Wooden Boy Slots has five reels and 20 pay lines that come with a random jackpot which can appear at any point in the game, scatter symbols, free games with the unlocking of scatter symbol combinations on the reels, and the very special and unique expanding wild icons. With such a breathtaking array of options, it should come as no surprise that this slot is from Real Time Gaming; they are an avowed industry powerhouse when it comes to online casino slots.

In truth, this used to be known as Pinocchio Slots, but the copyright issues we mentioned earlier reared their heads in the game makers had to switch to more neutral territory. With this move, they improve their animations and now you can see the wooden boy Pinocchio dance on the reels when you get a win. Of course, the puppet master is behind the scenes the entire time orchestrating his movements in a herky-jerky fashion. You will appreciate all of the poker card jacket symbols as their clothing wooden suits to keep in line with the games template.

Value Breakdown of the Wooden Boy Slots Symbols

The Woodpecker Clock is the flat-out highest paying symbol of them all – this makes sense, as it was constructed by Geppetto in order to keep time. If you can land five of a kind of this icon on the reels, you receive 1000 times your starting bet. Four of a kind of the symbol rewards you with 250 times your starting bet. The last payment comes with three of a kind – these are worth 100 times your starting bet. The next highest paying symbol is a red fox with the top hat; five of a kind of this one equals 500 times your starting bet, four of a kind is worth 100 times your starting bet, and three of a kind is worth 50 times your bet. The next to symbols pay the same – the well and the stack of books. Five of a kind of either one gives you 250 times your bet, four of a kind gives you 25 times your bet and three of a kind gives you 10 times your bet.

Finally, when it comes to paying symbols you got the poker card suits. Both the Ace in the King payout 100 times your bet for five of a kind of each; 10 times your starting bet for four of a kind of each, and five times your starting bet for three of a kind of each. The Queen and the Joker card jackets are also identical in the prizes they give you; five of a kind is good for 25 times your bet, four of a kind is good for 10 times your bet, and three of a kind is good for five times your starting bet. The final two poker symbols are 10 and 9; five of a kind, four of a kind, and three of a kind are worth the exact same values as the Queen and the Joker symbols.

You might be wondering how does the Wooden Boy symbol feature into this game – especially since it's eponymous. Well never fear; the titular character serves as the substitute symbol, he can replace any other symbol to complete a winning pay line except for the scattered fairy icon. If you happen to chance upon the Wooden Boy symbol during the free games section, then he can also reward you with a triple multiplier if he appears in a line win.

As touched on earlier, the ferry girl is the scatter symbol. She functions as the harbinger of the wooden boy wild symbol free game feature when she shows up on the third, fourth or fifth reels and delivers 5, 10, or 15 extra games at no charge. It is a feature that can be re-triggered, and any winds that occur are multiplied by your entire wager for the game. With the additional benefit of a potential Progressive Jackpot that's in the random category, you can truly come out ahead this slot if the chips all fall in your favor. What are you waiting for - download and play Wooden Boy Slots inside the casino lobby today.