Australian Animals

Think about Australia and you’ll likely think about some of the most famous animals the country is known for. There are lots of them, but some have found their way into the hearts of residents and visitors alike.

If you play a few online pokies based around Aussie topics or animals, you might even spot one or two of these animals making an appearance. If you are fortunate to visit Australia or even live there, the following animals are likely to be on your list of favorites to see.


Is there anyone who doesn’t love the kangaroo? Even though they can grow to an impressive size, we think they’re cute because they carry their young in a pouch on their front. They are also fast enough to give a racehorse a run for its money. Can you imagine that?!

They’re also famous for hopping from place to place, using their huge hind feet and legs to remain stable. Their front legs are tiny by comparison. It’s no wonder they were chosen as the symbol that represents Australia. They even outnumber humans on the island. That’s something to think about, hey?


Have you ever seen a wombat? You might have seen one of three species since one is common in northern Australia while another is usually seen in the southern regions of the country. The third is most common of all, which is probably why it’s known as the common wombat. Makes sense!

One of the oddest features of the humble wombat – and something we bet a lot of people don’t know – is that their poop is cubed. Yep, cubed. The er… construction of their rear makes it possible for them to create the cubes to make sure other animals know where their territory is. No chance of one of those rolling off downhill.


How could we not include koalas? They’re cute, cuddly, and have gentle little eyes and a big nose. We’re partial to those little tufty ears, too. They share one thing in common with the other two animals on our list – they are all marsupials. So, while the koala is often called a koala bear, that’s not the case. We think it comes from their cuddly shape, which makes them look a lot like teddy bears.

They are partial to eating eucalyptus leaves, even though the leaves are poisonous. Thankfully, the koala’s digestive system is specifically designed to cope with the leaves and render them harmless.

What is your favorite Aussie animal?

You can see many of them during your time in Australia if you pay a visit or check out a zoo or similar location. Watch out for one or more Aussie animals, birds, or other critters to appear in selected pokies at Fair Go Casino too. Who knows what you might spot in the next game you choose to play?