Hockey Hero Slots

The most popular game in the frigid regions, where basketball or football are much too heat-orientated to play consistently, hockey has a hundred million strong fan base around the world. It should come as little surprise, then, that it has finally received its very own video slot - replete with top notch graphics and riveting gameplay. As a sports fanatic, you'll love the clink of the skates on the ice as the soundtrack responds to every action you make, and the well-drawn symbols make the game come alive even further.

Hockey Hero Slots has 5 reels and 25 paylines, with symbols to help you in your winning quest like a trophy, hockey goalie defender, hockey mask, striped referee, gold cup and many more - these icons all have their special animations when you land on them for a winning combination. It gets even more lit as the Special Bonus Round comes around - but more on that later. For the players that aren't adverse to putting a bit of cash up in the real money option of Hockey Hero Slots at your favorite online casino, the min amount to play all 25 lines is $0.25, and the maximum amount is $125.

As is probably obvious at first glance, the hockey player is one of the more important characters in the game. He is also one of the animated icons, and when he appears on the 2nd or 4th reels, he functions as the Wild or substitute symbol and takes over for any other symbol to complete a winning payline. Although there is one symbol the hockey player can substitute in for; and that is the Scattered hockey penalty box symbol. Nonetheless, the Wild also doubles the payout win when he's allowed to work his "magic." As for the Scatter symbol, the penalty box shows up on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th reels and multiplies the win by your total bet. As if this wasn't enough money-doubling and tripling, there's also a Progressive Jackpot Feature that includes both a Minor and a Major jackpot that are worth, respectively, hundreds of dollars and thousands (or tens of thousands, in some cases) of dollars.

The free games that are potentially available here are also worth the starting price of admission in the real money mode of Hockey Hero Slots. All the major fun begins when you hit on a roll of at least three Scattered Bonus symbols and unleash the 18 free games within - watches are available for a sort of impromptu countdown to ratchet up the pace and excitement. The Win-Win Feature is another option which can potentially lead to 200 times your bet - a very effective and generous multiplier, if you ask us.

Let us now check out the values of the major symbols in this Real Time Gaming Slot named Hockey Hero. The highest paying symbol is the team ice rhino; five of a kind of this icon get you an amazing 10,000 credits. Four of a kind of this symbol get you 1000 credits, three of a kind of this icon get you 100 credits and even two of a kind get you 10 credits - remember, all winning symbols are doubled in value if the hockey player substitute symbol appears on the reels at the same time.

The second highest paying symbol is the hockey goalie defender; five of a kind is good for 5000 credits, four of a kind is good for 500 credits, three of a kind is good for 50 credits, and two of a kind is good for a measly five credits. The strapped referee symbol isn't too shabby as a valuable symbol, either: five of a kind is worth 2500 credits, four of a kind is worth 250 credits, three of a kind is worth 25 credits, and two of a kind is worth three credits. As the last high-value symbol, we have the gold cup championship trophy for the hockey playoffs (one would think that this would be a bit higher in the list ); five trophy symbols are worth 1000 credits, four of a kind of the trophy symbol is worth 100 credits, three of a kind of the trophy is worth 10 credits, and two of a kind is worth two credits.

We have two sets of low value symbols: the first set includes a pair of hockey skating shoes, a puck, and a hockey mask. Five of a kind of each one separately is worth 250 credits, four of a kind is good for 50 credits, and three of a kind is good for five credits. The second set of low paying symbols includes tickets to the hockey game, a plastic cup of beer, and a bag of concession stand chips. Five of a kind are worth 100 credits, four of a kind are worth 25 credits and three of a kind are worth five credits. All of the symbols pay from the left to the right direction except for the scatter - the hockey penalty boxes pay anyway and in any order. There's a lot more to this RTG video slot; download and play Hockey Hero Slots today.