Loose Caboose Slots

Loose Caboose Slots has 5 reels and 25 paylines on over which to ply your trade (if you’re playing for money), or over which to just have fun. It’s from Real Time Gaming, which is a standard for excellence in the online casino gaming community. The base jackpot has 5,000 coins for lucky gamer, and there is a lot of help in trying to nab this bag of cash: scatters, wilds, free spins and multipliers. There are four digit payout amounts possible with certain symbols, so play diligently and never count out any of the icons on the screen as having the potential for big things.

The coin amounts are as follows: you start at a penny and go up in increments of the same as you like. Or, you can just put down the maximum 5 credits possible per payline and play with gusto and max risk, for the potential max reward. Thus, given that these are the coin amounts per payline, the most you can bet is 125 credits per game, or the least is 0.25 credits per game at the one coin per payline max coinage. The game’s number of ways to win is, although considerable with 25 paylines, limited by the fact that it only pays in a single direction for all the symbols except for the scatter. The random jackpot can hit at any time, bringing an ever-present sense of hopefulness to the game no matter what’s happened before - good or bad. You’re never down and out with Loose Caboose Slots, effectively, since the random jackpot can always show up at the end of a round.

Next up you might ask, what are the symbols and Loose Caboose Slots? Well we can certainly help you there; there's a purse full of precious metals and pearls, there's a conductor icon, there's the blue train icon, there's a southern belle icon, there's a golden ticket icon, the usual poker card suits and more. The train engineer (also known as a conductor) is the substitute symbol and it can wildly replace any other symbol except for the scattered caboose. Is also capable of bringing in a win a 5000 gold coins. The Loose Caboose Scatter symbol delivers the Goodwin just two of them show up on the screen; furthermore any combination in which the caboose is involved is known as a scatter win and it multiplies your total bet by a factor of 200 X. Even better, when at least three scatter caboose symbols show up, you get a one-way golden ticket to the Cash Train Bonus feature.

There are a total of five high paying symbols, starting with the blue train; five of a kind of the blue train get you 2500 gold coins, four of the blue train symbols get you 500 gold coins, three of the blue trains get you 25 gold coins and a double dose of the blue train icon get you three gold coins. The conductor and the southern belle are for some reason equally valuable (although if you ask me, the conductor is vastly superior as an important symbol to the real life train). Five of a kind of either net you 1000 gold coins, four of a kind get you 250 gold coins, three of a kind get you 15 gold coins, and two of a kind gets you just two gold coins. Lastly for symbols of the high-paying variety, we have the purse full of pearls and the golden ticket; five of a kind are good for 500 gold coins, four of a kind are good for 100 gold coins, and three of a kind are good for 10 gold coins.

Lastly, we have the low paying symbols – which are invariably the poker suits. Ace, King, and Queen together gives you the same values you get a certain number of the same kind. Five of a kind is worth 250 gold coins, four of a kind is worth 50 gold coins, and three of a kind is worth five gold coins. Joker, 10, and 9 are as follows: five of a kind is worth 150 gold coins, four of a kind is worth 25 gold coins, and three of a kind is worth five gold coins. If all goes well and you're lucky enough, you will be able to activate the Loose Caboose Cash Train Bonus feature. There's a lot to like about this particular video slot from Real Time Gaming; download the casino software today and see if your luck holds up.