Panda Magic Slots

Real Time Gaming has hit another homerun out of the ballpark with their graphically mesmerizing Panda Magic Slots. It's a big one, with 5 reels and 1024 pay lines. The titular character is a powerful mage in panda form, who has dawned a blue wizards costume with blazing white stars scattered all about the fabric. In the games cinematic introduction, the wizard strikes the sky with his wand and emblazons the title "Panda Magic" for all to see.

Panda Magic Slots has so many pay lines because all of the paying symbols can pay in any direction – that is to say, you can win when they show up in the left to right direction or in the right to left direction. You can play one coin per pay line and bet a penny per coin; which means that if you bet the total amount allowed of $250, it's possible to win a considerable $9050. This particular value manifest itself when the bonus symbol – which is the Panda Magic Game Logo – takes over both the second and the fourth reels. This big win is accompanied by a well lit congratulations that reads Big Win.

Of course you don't have to bet the maximum of $250; for modest coin denominations it's still possible to win a large amount of money because of well over a thousand pay lines. Although the standard jackpot in Panda Magic Slots is $1000, it's possible to nets a whopping 2000 X whatever you bet at the start of the game. Clearly, with a coin denomination range spanning $0.50 to $250 on a single spin, there's a lot to like about this game not requiring you to into your bank accounts to be in the running for a big win.

Of the available special symbols, we start with the scattered Magic ticket; it is the only one that cannot be replaced by the Panda Magic game Logo substitute symbol. If you manage to lineup five of a kind of the magic ticket scatter symbol then you win 250 times your starting bet. The panda magic wild symbol, on the other hand, will substitute for any other symbol to help you complete a winning pay line – in fact, it's an expanding wild symbol and will cover the reels for a solid 1000 coin payout for five of a kind.

The symbols on the reels of Panda Magic Slots are very well rendered and actually rather mesmerizing to behold. Real Time Gaming really pulled out all the stops to bring this to you in a graphical form that puts many other slots to shame. You will find coins candle symbols, a brilliant purple magic orb sitting on a stand, a reading purple owl, a magic orange mushroom, a green bottle of magic potion, a gold necklace with and emerald in the center, and oriental pagoda, and open book of spells, a surprised fox looking creature with a magic beam between its hands, the pandas starry blue magic hat and more.

Delving a bit deeper into the special symbols, we find that the electric Panda Magic symbol is the wild, and it can substitute for any other symbol except for the scatter. For five And the Magic substitute symbols on the reels at the same time, you win 1000 coins as a qualified payout. For four Panda Magic symbols on the reels you get 300 coins, for three of a kind of this symbol you win 100 coins, and for two Panda Magic symbols you win 10 coins. The Scatter symbol is the Magic Ticket of course; for five of a kind you win 250 coins, for four Magic Ticket symbols you get 18 coins, for three of a kind you win two coins, and for two Magic Ticket symbols you win one coin.

Let's tackle the high paying symbols as well as the low paying symbols in Panda Magic Slots. The surprised fox with the green magic emanating from his fingertips is actually the highest paying symbol in the game other than the wild icon. For five fox symbols you win 300 coins, for four of a kind you get 100 coins, for three fox symbols you win 50 coins, and for two of them you get five coins. Next up we have the reading purple owl symbol; for five of a kind you win 200 coins, for four reading purple owl icons you win 50 coins as a payout on that pay line; for three reading purple owl symbols you win 25 coins, and for two of a kind you are granted a five coin win.

The remaining symbols come in pairs; there are no poker card jackets in Panda Magic Slots. We start off with the blue wizards hat which belongs to the panda himself, as well as the oriental pagoda symbol. Five of a kind of either is worth 125 coins as a payout. For four wizards hat or oriental pagoda symbols you win 30 coins, and for three of a kind you can get 10 coins. The next batch of symbols includes the brilliant purple orb and the open book of spells; for five of a kind of either you win 100 coins, for four of a kind you get 15 coins, and for three of a kind the payout is five coins.

The gold medallion with the Emerald in the center and the orange set of candles are both worth the same amounts when the correct number of them appear. For five of a kind this amount is 80 coins; for four of a kind of the gold medallion or the orange candle set you win 12 coins, and for three of a kind you can win five coins. The final set of symbols includes the green potion bottle and the orange magic mushroom; for five of a kind you win 75 coins, for four of a kind of these you get 10 coins, and for three of a kind you win three coins. There are loads of magic features for you to take advantage of after you download and sign up; you can win free games, spins and much more to prolong your playing time and thus, enhance your chances of winning big. Play RTGs Panda Magic Slots at your earliest convenience and see what the casino gaming space is talking about.