Penguin Power Slots

If you want to visit a dreamland for enjoying some free time, nothing can be better than Antarctica, as the residence of Antarctica are waiting eagerly to welcome the lucky visitors. If you are willing to put your steps in the frozen world of Antarctica, Penguin Power Slots casino game is one of the best ways to do so. The penguin population is enjoying this very adorable mating season. This is one of the newest addition to the casino games by RGT and is being adored by the casino lovers. There are so many penguins running around the frozen wonderland and making the job very tough for visitors. If you are successful in keeping these penguin babies in control, the game will give you plenty of chances to win something huge.

This is a unique animal-themed casino game waiting for the players with loads of surprises and adventures. The game is summarized over a 20 pay line, five reels and three rows. The manufacturer has completely changed the game with some stunning additions like reinvented classic slot style, special symbols and the extraordinary array of bonus offerings. Once you enter this beautiful frozen world, you will only leave it with a beaming smile on your face. The ground of this beautiful wonderland has just laid down again by RGT with a fresh and decent touch of snowfall which makes this game more attractive and calming.

Some Uniquely Designed Symbols:

The game becomes more special with some genuinely eye-catching symbols designed by RGT software. There are ten different symbols, 4 of them are beautifully themed, and six are slightly similar having snow covering card symbol. There are four themed symbols, one of them is a proud looking penguin parent, a silly fish, friendly fish and a beautiful golden penguin egg- that looks like moments away from cracking. There are some more critical symbols in the game as well.

Penguin Symbol:

Penguin Symbol is all about multiplying your bet. It is a high-paying and most important symbol of the game. When five penguin symbols appear together on screen, your winning amount can be multiplied by as much as 2500 times the line bet.

Card Symbols:

The Card Symbols are at the bottom of the pay table and values between 100X and 250X the line bet stake. If you are lucky enough to bet right, you can win huge using these card symbols.

Baby Symbols:

Baby symbols in the game are also of great importance. These baby symbols appear on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels and can substitute for other symbols. Baby symbols are full of energy and are capable of adding a 2X multiplier to any win. They can also help you to land on the reels.

Igloo Symbols:

Igloos are the online slot scatter symbols in the game and are capable enough to offer 200X the total bet staked when 5 of these symbols are landed on screen. You can earn some very significant amounts by using these symbols. Landing three also scatters very precious as it can also trigger the free spin round.


Penguin Power Slots game is one of the interesting casino games playing around the world on different online platforms. This game is being loved by casino players thanks to some beautiful features, straightforward gameplay and a hard to ignore Antarctica theme. Everything in this game is not less than wow. Take a trip to Antarctica and have a look at some beautiful features of the game. It won't be easy for you to blink your eyes once you visit this beautiful dreamland.