Triton's Treasure Slots

For whom the Bell tolls, deep within the undying sea. It is here that Real Time Gaming's Triton's Treasure Slots has regaled the wary traveler and the land bound adventure seeker alike. It has five reels and the standard 25 pay lines of play, providing many ways to win. The you have what it takes to see this game through and encourage King Triton to gift you with the games progressive jackpot as compensation for your travels? Indeed, Triton's Treasure Slots actually has to randomly awarded progressive jackpots; and scatter payouts, expanding Wilds and bonus features in the multitude of free games.

To the victor the spoils; this favorite literary phrase is applicable to any venture that has the potential of landing you loads of treasure. Triton's Treasure Slots is just such a venture, and has opened up the floodgates for bidding. You can bet just a single penny per line, or a maximum of five dollars per line – with increments between the two extremes. That means if you play all of the recommended pay lines, the minimum bet is $0.25 in the maximum bet is $125 per game. It is only by maximizing your spread (i.e. improving your personal probabilities) that you have a shot at the biggest jackpot available.

The symbols on the reels are very graphically drawn; it took some real artistic skill to render them with the lifelike visage that's apparent. There's a Giants octopus, a sunfish, a blue crab, a statue of the God Dionysius, a deadly purple jellyfish, and open chest of treasures, a sunken bronze vase, and an intricate conch shell. With all 25 lines selected, the Minor Jackpot can be worth up to $1000. With just four cents as a bet per line, the Major Jackpot can be worth in excess of $2000 on up to $10,000.

In Triton's Treasure Slots, King Triton himself is the substitute symbol and he only shows up on the second, third, and fourth reels to replace all other symbols except for the scatter – which is a raven haired Mermaid nymph. The Mermaid scatter symbol pays any which way, whereas all of the other symbols must appear in the left to right direction in order to secure a payout. If you get five Mermaid symbols, then your reward is 100 coins; for Mermaid symbols guarantees 10 coins, three Mermaid symbols get you two coins and two Mermaid symbols get you one coin – this may seem small, but remember that the scatter negotiated wins are multiplied at the total bet for that particular game.

Always of interest to regular players are the values of the highest paying symbols in the game. In Triton's Treasure Slots, this begins with the underwater Atlantis symbol; five of a kind is worth 3333 coins, four underwater Atlanta symbols is good for 333 coins, three Atlanta symbols equals 33 coins and two Atlanta symbols gets you 3 coins. The Sunken Ship icon is the next highest paying, with five of a kind guaranteeing 2222 coins, four of a kind guaranteeing 222 coins, three of a kind guaranteeing 22 coins and two of a kind guaranteeing 2 coins. Next we have to symbols that are worth 500 coins for five of a kind; these are the open chest of treasure and the giant octopus. For four of a kind of either one you get 100 coins, and for three of a kind you get 10 coins.

The last set of three symbols still payout hundreds of coins for five across the reels. The first set of three includes the sunfish, blue crab, and purple jellyfish; five of a kind get you 250 coins, four of a kind get you 25 coins, and three of a kind get you five coins. The second set of symbols includes the underwater statue of the God Dionysius, a bronze vase or water jug, and the intricate conch shell. For five of a kind the award is 100 coins, four of a kind get you 15 coins and three of a kind get you 5 coins.

You can access the Triton's Treasure Slots Treasure Free Games feature when the raven haired Mermaid nymph shows up in threes or more. Since the scatter pays any which way, it doesn't matter the order nor the particular reels upon which she's displayed. The payouts can be as low as a single multiplication of your bet, or is high as a 100 X, life-changing amount. There's a nice little Pick 'em Feature nested within this free game, and the cool little animation of the sexy Mermaid nymph swimming to your feet adds an extra dimension to the game. It's possible to win a handful more free spins if four or five Mermaids appear.

All that's left to do now is to take the dive into Triton's Treasure Slots; there are many Riches beneath the sea. Download the software to begin and use your Match Bonus to play the reels and pay lines.