Aussie Terms

Slang terms exist in every corner of the world. If you’re not familiar with them, even visiting a country where you understand the language can leave you scratching your head.

For example, Australians speak English, but there are slang terms in regular use that make any convo more interesting. You can probably figure out that convo is short for conversation, but there are other terms that you could employ to make things more interesting when you’re playing games at Fair Go Casino.


We should include this one first, because it is another name for slot games. Playing pokies is something many Aussies do at Fair Go, because there is a great selection of games to choose from.


You might say this if you manage to get a winning combination while playing a pokie game. “You beauty!” is a way of saying something is fantastic – which, of course, a prize on a pokie or casino game certainly would be.


You would use this word if you were surprised at something. So, maybe if a spin turned out to be far better than you thought (or worse, we guess), you might say this to express your surprise at the outcome.

Fair Dinkum

If you want to play some good casino games, you’ll want to look for some that are fair dinkum, since that’s the slang term for something genuine. Fair Go Casino is packed to the rafters with fair dinkum games, so you’ve got no worries there.


A good one to use if you’re playing blackjack or any other card game, ace means something good has happened. We suppose if you manage to get the magic 21 to beat the dealer, that certainly would be ace!

There are plenty more Aussie slang terms where those came from. The more you familiarize yourself with the language, the easier it is to discover more of them. Playing games at Fair Go Casino would hopefully give you a chance to use some of the more positive terms you might encounter, too.