Pokies are lining up in their hundreds at Fair Go Casino, giving you the chance to play your choice of games whenever you fancy doing so.

If you have never played these games before, don’t worry. We have produced a guide here that should help you figure out where to begin.

Make sure you understand what is involved with a slot game

Most slots involve reels and paylines, but some have reels and win ways instead. Cluster pays is another option you might see.

Always check and see which option a game offers before you play. It will affect the potential prizes that might be available if you play for real prizes.

Know how much each spin of the reels should cost

If there are three reels that have just one line across them, and your smallest coin is a cent, you could play the game from one cent per spin. The more lines there are, the bigger the minimum bet. Some games offer a minimum coin value of two cents, five cents, or 10 cents, so that would incur a bigger spin bet.

Make sure you know what the minimum wager is if you intend to play for real on any of the available games at Fair Go Casino. Remember, you can play most of the games for entertainment only too. This gives you a good way to find out what the possibilities are if you did swap to real play.

Choose a game that appeals to you

This might mean picking a good theme you are attracted to. It could also mean choosing a game with free spins and/or a bonus game to try. With lots of possibilities within the Fair Go range, it’s a nice idea to browse them without any pressure to pick something to play to start with at least.

Trying those demos first gives you more information on each game you try. From there, the entire collection of pokies at Fair Go Casino opens to you. Where are you going to begin when you look through that collection for the first time?