Fruit Bowl XXV Slots

Fruit Bowl XXV Slots is a Real Time Gaming creation that has seen the rounds at the online space's most popular casino spots, because of how fun it is to play, and how many grand prizes lie in wait for the lucky gamer. It has 5 reels and 25 paylines, along with a crew of features that enhance the gameplay to heights untold. It's centered on the American game of gridiron football, with the many characters and elements replaced by wacky fruits in all of their anthropomorphic glory, animated to such an extent that they twirl and prance about on the screen to the game's uplifting musical score. The feature is called the Win-Win Feature; as you will soon see, it's not the only one available.

Since Fruit Bowl XXV is not a Classic Slot, there are many, many different ways to win here. Usually, it takes just three of the paying symbols to appear on the reels in order to pay out something, so this is a good thing for you. In fact a handful of the symbols need only appear twice to score. The Wild and the Scatter icons, of course, are some of the high paying symbols that need show up just twice. Other symbols that you want on your side are the Game Quarterback, the Sports Arena and the Wide Receiver; these all provide massive coin returns when you get them on an active payline.

You will need to know what the money amounts are; You can bet any number in increments between $0.01 and $5.00 for every single one of the 25 paylines. The lowest amount you can bet, then, is 25 cents and the most you can put down is $125 per game. These symbols, when they show up in the requisite numbers, pay you starting from the left to the right; the Scatter is special, though and pays any and all ways. The random progressive jackpot comes at you twice; you can win two separate allotments of cash! It's possible to win it at any point in time, too, and the tally is added to however much you've got at game's end. In fact, it doesn't matter if you've got hundreds of credits already lined up -the game does not discriminate against the lucky!

The Wild symbol is the Grape Running Back. This sweet and colorful powerhouse running back will replace all other symbols except for the Fruit Bowl Scatter symbol. Get five of these fast Grape running back Wild icons and a 7500 coin jackpot is yours to keep! If, however, you are even more lucky and can manage five Grape running back wilds during the Free Spins Feature, you're in for a 37,500 coin reward. It literally pays to play Fruit Bowl XXV Slots.

We're not quite done yet, because there's still an outstanding Scatter symbol that will get in good with a lucky winner or two or three or more! It's represented by the game emblem, which is the Fruit Bowl XXV icon. All it takes is a minimum of three Fruit Bowl Scatter symbols to gain entry into the Fruit Bowl Feature, and a couple of Fruit Bowls will pay out cash in the real money option during the free games feature. There are also ways to win multiple multipliers and even more free games when the new game screen replaces the old and presents you with choices.

The resulting yellow arrow is used to swish the football player either left or right to escape the defender, upon which an award of 5 extra games and a multiplier will be handed out (assuming you make the right choice). If you make a different choice, you still get a shot: although the Fruit Bowl Feature will come to a close, more free games will be delivered. It's worth a shot, right? Download and enjoy.